Our vision

The Clyde River Foundation is a Scottish charity (SC 029602) dedicated to research and education throughout the River Clyde catchment.

Our mission is to pursue scientific understanding of the ecological health of the River Clyde and its tributaries, drive environmental improvements and build capacity for its stewardship.

We aim to achieve this by fulfilling the objectives of the River Clyde Fishery Management Plan.

Caring for the Clyde

The Clyde is a great example of a 'recovering river'. It is a river where salmon were once extinct due to pollution and man-made structural changes. It now boasts a recovering salmon population but much work is still to be done to ensure the future of the 'Mighty Clyde'.

The Clyde River Foundation seeks to improve fish populations and their habitats and to increase engagement of local communities with their rivers. We aim to achieve this via a combination of long-term monitoring, a sustained investment in education and through community-driven initiatives such as the Clyde Riverfly Monitoring Partnership. By caring for the Clyde we can maximise the health of our rivers for everyone.

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