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Campsie Angling Association back in the river

We met with the Campsie Angling Association secretary Lawrence Meechan on the Glazert Water for a refresher in the riverfly monitoring technique. Lawrence attended one of the first Riverfly monitoring training courses on the River Clyde in 2012, before CRIMP more »

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Fish kill report

We have received the final report from Marine Scotland’s Fish Health Inspectorate on the fish kill that occurred in the Gryfe and Kelvin catchments throughout August and September. Fish collected from the Gryfe were analysed for disease and a number of pathogens were detected (bacterial, more »

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Lots of CRIMPing on the Kelvin

We caught up with two ‘long-standing’ dedicated riverfly monitors Allan Twigg (Friends of the River Kelvin) and Ernest Atlee (Caurnie Angling Club). Both have been sampling on the River Kelvin since early 2013 and we felt it would be a more »

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Clyde fish kill extends to the River Kelvin

The fish kill reported last Friday on the River Gryffe (article here) is ongoing and affected fish have been seen in the River Kelvin this week. Since appealing for sightings on Monday, the Clyde River Foundation has received several reports of more »

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Refresher sessions in full swing

Between 2013 and 2015 the Clyde River Foundation trained a total of 113 ‘CRIMP’ monitors, from 24 organisations over eleven training courses. The riverfly enthusiasts or ‘CRIMPers’ who are helping protect their river’s water quality have been visited by project staff to more »

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Giant hogweed toxicity warning

Giant hogweed is a toxic plant found throughout Scotland. The plant is one of several invasive non-native plant species found in the River Clyde catchment but it stands out due to the risk it poses to human health, as highlighted by more »

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Diseased salmon caught on River Kelvin

A female adult salmon in very poor condition was brought to us by a member of the River Kelvin Angling Association today after being caught last night near Kelvinhall. The fish had extensive pathology around the head and tail but showed no signs of more »

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Board Burn monitored by local community

Members from the newly established ‘Board Burn Improvement Group’ have taken to their local river to understand more about the fly life living in the watercourse that runs right under Twechar Main Street and next to the community centre and more »

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Training in Twechar

We’re pleased to say that more volunteers have been added to the growing number of CRIMPers across the Clyde. This year residents in Twechar held their own training course and will soon have new monitoring locations on the Board Burn more »

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University of Glasgow student making valuable contribution to CRIMP

Marine and Freshwater Biology student, Stef Scott, is about to embark on her third year of study and is also volunteering her spare time to look after her local river, the Allander water. Steph hopes to go into environmental consultancy more »

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Plea for salmon information

A freshly dead salmon was brought to our lab by a bailiff from the River Kelvin Angling Association yesterday. The fish had extensive lesions around the head and fin damage as shown in the pictures below. We have informed the Fish more »

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River Kelvin CRIMP coverage

The River Kelvin Angling Association to date has eleven trained and active monitors covering the catchment and its tributaries. This week we met with recently trained volunteers from the River Kelvin Angling Association to assist with choosing sampling sites. We more »

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River Kelvin Angling Association get kick sampling…

Last month the guys from the Kelvin began their first monitoring day for CRIMP. It seems it was the last day of summer here in Glasgow but we took the opportunity to get out and about. Paul Reid (River Kelvin more »

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Send us your news

If you are reading this, you likely have some interest in news from your local catchment. You can help by supplying useful catchment-focussed information to this website. If you… – are running a river-related event – have concerns about the more »

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