Children’s author Mike Nicholson joins us for Scottish Book Trust writing sessions

Children’s author Mike Nicholson is working with us to deliver his ‘Write a story in 60 minutes’ sessions to three primary schools – Saracen (Glasgow), Braidwood (South Lanarkshire) and All Saints (Inverclyde). The project is supported by the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Fund and the Clyde River Foundation.

We visited Saracen Primary School yesterday for the first session. We decided the story would be based around the Clyde but other than that is was an open book (excuse the pun).  It was great to see every child in the class engage and contribute ideas to the story-writing session and after 60 minutes we had all the key components of a story which Mike took away to type up overnight. The result – Zip’s Big Decision, a story about Zip the brown trout who faces the tough decision of a life in the river or going to sea to become a sea trout. A copy of the complete story was sent to the class this morning, with their all their ideas and phrases that were included highlighted. The next two school sessions are lined up for next week, updates to follow!






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