Clyde fish kill extends to the River Kelvin

The fish kill reported last Friday on the River Gryffe (article here) is ongoing and affected fish have been seen in the River Kelvin this week. Since appealing for sightings on Monday, the Clyde River Foundation has received several reports of dead or dying fish showing obvious signs of disease. We are keeping a diary of events Рso far an estimated 90 Atlantic salmon on the Gryffe and and 30 on the Kelvin have been recorded, as well as a couple of resident brown trout. Five fish were collected for analysis on Tuesday and we expect to receive the results from the Fish Health Inspectorate (Marine Scotland) next week. Until then we would be very grateful for any further sightings to be sent to with a photograph and a note of the location if possible. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed information.

We reported a pollution incident on the Dargavel Burn (a tributary of the Gryffe) on Tuesday – see here for the full story. While there is no obvious connection between this and the large numbers of fish dying on the Gryffe, the scale and potential impact of the event is of concern. SEPA is investigating.

Kelvin salmon Kelvingrove bandstand 16.08.1 Dave Ferrie

Salmon in the River Kelvin, Kelvingrove Park 16.08.15. Photo Credit: Dave Ferrie

Kelvin 19.08.2015 John Wilson 4

Salmon on the banks of the River Kelvin, 19.08.2015. Photo Credit: John Wilson (River Kelvin Angling Association)


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