CRIMP in the Classroom

Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, recently started using CRIMP to cover aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence such as indicator species and pollution. Biology teachers Mrs Matthews and Mrs Meldrum attended training sessions earlier in the year to learn the sampling and identification skills used by CRIMP. S1 students made a trip to their nearest burn (a tributary of the Kittoch Water) to investigate the water quality using the CRIMP methodology. The burn flows right underneath the school and is a perfect sampling site. Pupils found all sorts of river life including pond snails, leeches, black-fly larvae, two caseless caddis fly larvae, freshwater hoglouse and one olive Baetid mayfly larva. Despite this diversity, most of the invertebrates found are pollution-tolerant and indicate that the water quality and habitat could be better. Nevertheless, the class are going to monitor the fly-life after the summer holidays and note any improvements or change in the invertebrate diversity. We’re proud that CRIMP is enhancing science lessons and encouraging outdoor learning at Duncanrig Secondary. Check out Duncanrig’s CRIMP photos here.

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