CRIMP: the results are in…

The CRIMP data is rolling in from those who have been out sampling their local burn. Well done and thank you to everyone who has been out kicking, counting and collating! We are really pleased with the feedback of data and soon this will help build up a picture of individual watercourses and their typical fauna, including any seasonal change due to the varying life cycles of the larvae. Most importantly, CRIMP intends to detect any serious decline in water quality that could otherwise go undetected.

Below is an example of data collected by members of the Walton Angling Club  for one of their sampling sites on the White Cart River. They started sampling in July, having completed the training in June. The results are shown both on the field sheet and the excel recording sheet which was submitted electronically to the Clyde River Foundation. A histogram is automatically produced whenever the results are entered into the excel recording sheet and this will build up with each survey. July’s data produced a score of 12 – a great start!


Walton angling club results screenshot

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