The fish that never swam: Dead fish spotted during Commonwealth Games flotilla

Following the news of the fish kill that occurred over the weekend of July 19th/20th ( we have received further reports of dead fish being spotted in the River Clyde by members of the public watching the Commonwealth Games flotilla on Saturday 26th. On Friday we were told about Atlantic salmon “leaping” near King George V dock and we spotted a couple surfacing when watching the flotilla pass Partick on Saturday.

Significant numbers of salmon are on the move up the Clyde to their spawning grounds after returning from the North Atlantic. During this critical stage in their migration they are at risk of suffocation due to low levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water (associated with low rainfall and warm temperatures). Salmon were once extinct in the Clyde due to pollution and man-made structural changes. Now, with improving water quality, the Clyde boasts a recovering salmon population but these iconic animals still suffer during warmer periods. SEPA are responsible for investigating the poor water conditions that cause such fish kills but we are keen to hear from anyone else who saw dead fish so that we can get an idea of numbers and locations. If you saw any dead or struggling fish over the weekend please contact Dr Gemma Jennings at with details.

Dead fish in the River Clyde across from the Riverside Museum. Photo taken during the Commonwealth Games flotilla on Saturday 26th July 2014. (C) Blair James.

Jane Hartshorn

Dead Atlantic salmon by Glasgow Green on Sunday 27th July. Image (C) Jane Hartshorn.

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