Secondary education

IMG_0747Trout at Transition was a primary-to-secondary transition project for the Biggar High School learning community. In 2013 we worked with all of the P7 pupils from the twelve associated primaries and continued the project into S1 of Biggar High School. The project, which was a collaboration with the artist Holly Keasey, covered a wide range of activities from raising brown trout in the classroom to participating in creative riverside workshops. The project featured in the Biggar Little Festival and culminated in a permanent art trail which runs along the Biggar Burn. Please visit the Trout at Transition website for further information.



DSCN9889A number of secondary school teachers have qualified as riverfly monitors through the Clyde Riverfly Monitoring Project (CRIMP) and are using their new-found skills to deliver outdoor learning experiences for their pupils. CRIMP is a large-scale citizen science project that we are running to assess river health across the Clyde catchment. Naturally, some of the first participants to sign up were anglers but as the project has grown, so has the variety of participants. Graham Munro, a teacher from Hollybrook Academy in Glasgow spoke about his experience of using CRIMP for outdoor education with his classes at the Castlemilk Burn. Mr Munro explained that the school, which is for pupils with additional support needs, greatly values outdoor learning and is actively involved in the John Muir Award scheme. He said that CRIMP was unique among many of the outdoor activities on offer in that it involves water and the “chance to splash about” and he talked of the real benefit it gives pupils, providing new skills and helping to build resilience.

We are keen to develop our programme of secondary education so if you’d like to work with us please get in touch!