Rediscovering the Douglas Water

‘Rediscovering the Douglas Water’ is a bespoke project that involved three Primary schools situated close to Hagshaw Hill Windfarm. In 2016 the Clyde River Foundation provided an opportunity for all children from Douglas, Rigside and Coalburn Primaries to participate in an outdoor education project. The project aimed to increase their awareness of the importance of their local river by involving each entire school and the village communities. The local environment has benefited from the increased awareness of a generation of residents. Teachers used the project to enhance Curriculum for Excellence learning outcomes across a host of subjects.

Please read our final report here!

IMG_5274Project Mayfly Dougls P1

A hugh thank you to our project supporters:

The Hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust, The David Uri Memorial Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation

hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust