From Fish in Schools to fish in rivers!

After weeks of dedication and meticulous hatchery care, our Fish in Schools participants are saying farewell to brown trout they have raised from eggs to fry. Over the project pupils have learned about brown trout life cycles, ecology and protecting our rivers, and are very excited to be visiting their local rivers to release their fish. Fish in Schools has been met with much enthusiasm from pupils and we’d like to say a big “well done!” to everyone who took part!  

Here’s just a few photos from the Fish in Schools release days: 

About to release fish into the Kirk Burn, Cambuslang (Carins Primary School)

To the river they go! (St David’s Primary, Plains)

Brown trout fry are carefully released into the wild

Pupils (and scientist) excited about setting free their fish!

Open afternoon in St Vincent’s Primary ahead of their fish release – pupils prepared presentations, games and quizzes to share learning with their families 

Pupils from St Mungo’s Primary gather before releasing their trout into the White Cart, Pollok Park

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