Save the date – Clyde Salmon Homecoming Conference, 21st May 2016

The return of the iconic Atlantic salmon to the River Clyde is possibly the biggest good-news story in freshwater biology.  On World Fish Migration Day 21st May 2016, the Clyde River Foundation is holding a one-day conference entitled ‘Clyde Salmon Homecoming – the Status and Future of Salmon in the River Clyde’. The event marks 30 years since the Institute of Fisheries Management 1986 conference which was convened to “discuss the implications of the return of Atlantic salmon after an absence of more than 100 years”.

Since 1986, considerable progress has been made in our understanding of the biology and ecology of the species, its history in and relationship with the Clyde catchment and in the management of one of the most urban salmon fisheries in the world.  The conference is aimed at anyone with an interest in the ecology of the Clyde system and will discuss current distribution, population monitoring, threats and future developments in research, habitat improvement and education work.  Confirmed speakers include Dr Colin Bean (SNH), Dr Phil McGinnity (University College Cork), Professor Neil Metcalfe (University of Glasgow), Paul Reid (River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust) and Dr Willie Yeomans (Clyde River Foundation).


Salmon leaping Blantyre Weir, 1983. (Photo: Glasgow Herald)

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