Fisheries surveys

One of the core aspects of our work is to collect long-term fishery data from across the River Clyde to inform evidence-based fisheries management. We have a large number of routine sampling sites that we visit annually to perform electrofishing surveys. Since 2002 we have electrofished 750 sites within the Clyde catchment (see map below). We monitor the distribution of all fish species, and the numbers of salmon, trout and grayling. The fisheries data are collected for local management purposes including:

  • Determining the inter-annual variation in salmon, trout or grayling production
  • Researching the distribution of non-native species such as bullhead and American signal crayfish
  • Assessment of the requirement for, or efficacy of, fish passes
  • Baseline surveys of fish populations

We offer our services commercially to inform management and development, and all profits generated go towards supporting the Foundation’s work to care for the River Clyde. Please call 0141 330 5080 or email if you would like more information about any of our services.