Scottish ‘Angling Diary’ launched

SFCC Anglers' Diary

No more soggy logbooks

A new online ‘angling diary’ for Scottish anglers has just been launched by the Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre.  The website enables anglers to record information on their catches of freshwater game and coarse fish and share their angling experiences.

The Angling Diary has been on the wish-list of many anglers and fisheries managers throughout Scotland for years, and the new website has the potential to pull together angling records from across the country.

The SFCC Angling Diary aims to overcome the problems of traditional paper-based angling diaries and soggy logbooks by combining them into a single online diary. Anglers can now permanently record their angling experiences along with the catch information (such as species, weight, and location) in a database.

Anglers have the option to keep their catch information and location private, but biologists from local River and Fishery Trusts and Foundations will be able to view the information and use it sensitively.

“It is potentially a great resource,” said Dr Willie Yeomans of the Clyde River Foundation. “Many anglers are understandably protective of their prime fishing spots, but this enables anglers to share information publicly or privately. Its usefulness certainly depends on how many anglers record their catches on the site, so it will be interesting to see how things develop.”

For more background about the Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre and its work please visit its website.[button style=”normal” color=”red” size=”small” icon=”info” href=”” target=”_blank”]SFCC website[/button] .[button style=”normal” color=”red” size=”small” icon=”info” href=”” target=”_blank”]Angling Diary website[/button]

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