The Green Water, Gryfe and Blacketty are under watch

CRIMP welcomes Elaine Gallaher and Barrie Dean to the Strathgryfe monitoring group.  Thanks to them, the communities who fish the Gryfe Water as part of Strathgryfe Angling Association have got almost all the bases covered! They recently added the Blacketty Water, a small tributary of the River Gryfe to their sampling regime as well as another site of the Gryfe just above Kilmacolm. The Clyde River Foundation caught up with them to help out with the first monitoring session and catch up with ‘old hands’ who have been CRIMPing for a couple of years now. Alan Wright, committee member, said they really believe their monitoring presence is acting as a deterrent to potential polluters and are happy they are widening their coverage across the catchment with the addition of more monitors! We’re impressed with their dedication to looking after the river and hope it continues to safeguard the health of the River Gryfe and it’s feeder streams.

2015.06.09_Strathgryfe (1)  2015.06.09_Strathgryfe (3) 2015.06.09_Strathgryfe (4)


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