Upper Avon build on CRIMP data record

The Upper Avon Angling Club have been out sampling recently on four of their CRIMP sample sites. All but one of the sites have seen an improvement in the number and variety of fly-life since last year’s samples. It’s really great to see the occurrence of some very large stoneflies or ‘gadgers’; these ones found on the Upper Avon are in the ‘Perlidae’ family, one of eight families in the Stonefly group. The gills at the base of each leg or ‘hairy armpits’ are a giveaway for this family. The species, Perla bipuntata, is depicted by the pale last body segment (see photo below). It’s safe to say that the Upper Avon and the Calder Water are in safe hands and are looking healthy according to the latest results. Keep up the good work guys!

10622787_741227482579937_282364946253600850_n10352270_741227422579943_3400479599679819788_n   10645318_741227442579941_4179674014198728462_n10665185_741227519246600_2670182368328457052_n

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