Winter sampling with Mid-Clyde anglers

You could tell we’re almost at the shortest day when we met up with the Mid-Clyde Angling Club on the main stem of the Clyde last week. Alistair and Robert from the club, who are both new to CRIMP this year, found most of the groups in their kick sample but also turned up a few additional taxa not recorded in the CRIMP programme – pea mussels, limpets, hoglouse and a few leeches. It looks to us like a decent baseline for the River Clyde. Alistair and Robert will be checking the water quality on the waters where they fish in the hope that ‘fish-food’ is in plentiful supply and, with their eyes on the river, hopefully it should stay that way. Great work guys!

NCAL0001 NCAL0006 NCAL0009 NCAL0013

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